The testimonials here are from real clients of the practitioners serving in the Catholic Diocese of Salina.

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"NFP has done wonders for me and my husband! It was through NFP that I discovered I had hormone problems and the doctors were able to help. Also, each month knowing when we are able to conceive, it just opens up the communication between us and are able to appreciate our bodies and the miracles of life."

~ Josh and Heidi Garrison

"We started learning the process of Natural Family Planning several months before our wedding. In addition to preparing us for intimacy, we both learned a lot about how our bodies work, especially women's bodies. From a woman's standpoint, the health and hygiene aspect is undeniably beneficial. We also learned that my (Katie) progesterone levels were on the low side, potentially making it difficult for me to become pregnant. Our NFP practitioner recommended I see a NaPro doctor for help. Without NFP, we might have gone months or years without becoming pregnant or suffering miscarriages, never knowing there was a simple and inexpensive solution. Happily, we are expecting our first child in July 2018.

As a newly intimate couple, NFP helped us to respect each other and our own bodies. It's not to say planned abstinence is in any way fun or easy, but it did help us to pace ourselves and continue to show our love and affection in other ways as we did before marriage. We have tackled using NFP as a team, and believe it is good practice for helping us to approach old and new obstacles as a team. NFP is a blessing in our marriage, and we hope that all couples will give it a try."

~ Andrew and Katherine Flax

"We never knew how our relationship could change in 6 short months when we began our wedding preparation. Following up to attending Engaged Encounter we had little to no knowledge about NFP and were excited to learned more about it. We now have started practicing the Creighton Model method and have learned so much about communication, the church’s teachings, our bodies, and health. Before NFP we thought we were a couple who had great communication, and a growing relationship to help each other mature spiritually, and emotionally. Since charting and learning our method, however, it has opened up an entire new place of communication, perception, and learning.

Since we have not been practicing for very long, we have nothing but growth and hopeful expectations for the future. As of now we are enjoying learning and being able to know ways to safely plan our family. The biggest change in our mindset is that we are now open to life, and it is such an amazing and exciting feeling. We have realized that we cannot follow God’s plan for us and our future family if we think we have to control of our fertility with medications, barriers, and any other contraceptives. To be able to begin our marriage with this new, authentic start and being open to life is a blessing and we would not have been able to make this change without our marriage preparation and Engaged Encounter."

~ Nolan Billings and Katelyn Ifland

"I’ve always wanted to try NFP and when Sammy asked if we were interested we took the leap! I had kind of heard here and there what it was but never knew the details. It was wayyy more than I thought it was, in a good way! I’ve been using NFP for about 10 months now. I’ve learned how to tell when I’m fertile and infertile. Our goal over the last few months were to avoid pregnancy. And YES IT WORKS. I don’t have to worry about taking a pill or disrupting my hormones. That is awesome. I have learned soooo so much about my own body and natural cycles. Every woman is different and for me to know how to track for my body is empowering.  EVERY WOMAN DESERVES THE RIGHT TO KNOW HOW HER BODY WORKS.  To the person who is curious about NFP, I would say to keep an open mind. You might have “heard” about NFP from other people, but to fully know what it is, you have to go through it for yourself and give it your all. It doesn’t come easy, but Sammy was so patient, committed, and dedicated to helping us through the whole entire process. She truly is passionate about this and it shows in her teaching. Try it. But most importantly, don’t give up. It takes time to learn how your body functions."


"My husband and I have been using Natural Family Planning (NFP) for a few months now. Before stating NFP I had been on birth control for many years and was nervous at first to stop taking it. I was nervous to stop taking the pill because I had been use to taking a pill every day and not worrying about anything. Getting off of birth control has helped my husband and I communicate better about our sexual relationship. Right now we are using NFP to prevent pregnancy, so we have to communicate on when we can be intimate and when we cannot be. NFP has not only strengthened our relationship with each other but with God.  NFP has also helped me understand my body better. I was also really interested in NFP because I have family history of ovarian cancer. Using NFP you track your cycle and by doing that you can pick up on abnormities which allows you to get to the Doctor and can help you catch issues sooner rather than later.

My expectation for the future is that we will continue to use NFP and my husband and I will continue to keep communicating about our sexual relationship and not take it for granted."

~ VK